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Certified Scrum Master 

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Designed specifically for Certified Scrum Masters who want to take their Agile journey to the next level, the Advanced Certified Scrum Master class builds on the basic Scrum skills and tools gained in the CSM course to improve your implementation of Scrum in the workplace and keep your team on the right track.


We offer A-CSM classes across the United States and Europe, making it a great option for individual ScrumMasters to continue to grow their skills and toolbox. Just check out our upcoming classes or Contact Us to find out when we'll be in your area. For large teams and organizations, we'll happily come onsite and provide a class just for you. Check out our Agile Services page for more about onsite training options.

A-CSM Career Path

About the Advanced Scrum Master Class & Certification

Like all our classes, our Advanced Certified ScrumMaster course utilizes a variety of proven education and retention techniques, creating an engaging and highly interactive workshop that ensures enhanced retention of your new skills long after class is over. This interactive workshop avoids the traditional "death by PowerPoint", relying instead on hands-on activities to  keep the class and material engaging and memorable.

The Advanced Certified Scrum Master class will help you:

  • Focus on implementation - The A-CSM program is designed to build on your foundational knowledge with enhanced skills for the implementation of Scrum and Agile techniques within your company and teams.

  • Distinguish yourself in the global marketplace - Our Certified Scrum Trainers, Team Coaches, and Enterprise Coaches have cultivated over 725,000 practitioners. The new A-CSM certification provides an opportunity to take the next step and stand out among the global Scrum community.

  • Stand out in your industry - As a member of the Scrum Alliance globally recognized community, you show your employer (or potential employer) your potential as a highly valued professional.

To earn your A-CSM certification, you must complete the following requirements:

  • Hold an active Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) certification from the Scrum Alliance

  • Successfully complete an A-CSM class (check our schedule here to find a class near you)

  • Have at least 12 months of work experience specific to the role of ScrumMaster within the past 5 years

Please note: You can still be accruing your 12 months of work experience when you take your A-CSM class. However, your 12 months of work experience must be completed and logged in your Scrum Alliance profile before you are eligible to receive your A-CSM certification.

A-CSM Learning Objectives

The following categories will be covered during the Certified Scrum Product Owner class:

  • Lean, Agile, and Scrum

    • Agile and Lean Values, Principles, and Worldview

    • Empirical Process Control

  • Agile Facilitation

    • Basic Facilitation

  • Agile Coaching

    • Coaching Fundamentals

  • Service to the Development Team

    • Self-Organization

    • Team Dynamics

    • Definition of Done

    • Value of Engineering Practices

  • Service to the Product Owner

    • Coaching the Product Owner

  • Service to the Organization

    • Resolving Impediments

    • Scaling Scrum

    • Organizational Change

  • Scrum Mastery

    • Personal Development

    • Servant Leadership

For more detailed information and subtopics, you can find a complete list of learning objectives on the Scrum Alliance website.

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