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I'm Julie Chickering, and I've never been one to do things by the book.


Not that there's anything wrong with the book. I’ve learned a lot from books. But I've always preferred a path based on my own tangible experience. As a child, this attitude won me the reputation of being rebellious because I "asked too many questions" and liked to do things the "hard way". It wasn't that I liked difficult experiences. I just needed to understand the purpose behind the action, to figure things out for myself, and then build each experience on the one before.

This may be why Agile practices resonated so strongly with me right from the start: an entire way of working rooted in pragmatism and empirical evidence! A way of applying the scientific method to software development! And so began my transition from rebel to Agile Coach. No longer doing things the "hard way", but rather, a more intentional way.


An Agile way. The JC Agile way.

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JC Agile Consulting was born out of a passion for bringing to light the positive possibilities of Agile methodologies. Dedicated to helping people around the world find a better way of working, JC Agile is committed to helping organizations find a place to start improving their processes and then retain momentum through learning by doing.

Julie Chickering, the brains and brawn behind JC Agile Consulting, believes that Lean and Agile practices are packed with potential — to enable positive culture change, business agility, and breakthrough results. She has a strong track record of helping organizations of all sizes in various industries successfully execute Lean and Agile transformations. Julie brings personal, real-world experience to every training and coaching engagement, working with people at all levels — executive, program, and team — to adopt and roll out realistic Agile strategies organization-wide.


Julie's clients repeatedly appreciate her pragmatic approach, strong collaboration skills, and smart sense of humor to guide them along their Agile journeys. She has the proven ability to transfer job knowledge and skills to all levels, consistently coaching teams and organizations through the challenging transition from waterfall to Agile practices. Julie Chickering has been described as the Mary Poppins of Agile, dropping in with her seemingly bottomless bag of Agile tools and making magic happen when clients need her most.

Julie Chickering is a founding member of The Agile Cooperative, a past president and board member of the Agile Project Management Network (APLN), a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), and PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP), as well as a traditional Project Management Professional (PMP). Prior to the inception of JC Agile Consulting, Julie spent 9 years as an Agilist with CA Technologies (formerly Rally Software), as well as being an internal coach at Travelocity. 

Connect with Julie on LinkedIn.

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